The American Thyroid Association (ATA), founded in 1923 as the American Goiter Association, is a nonprofit professional medical society comprised of physicians and scientists dedicated to enhancing the understanding of thyroid physiology and pathophysiology, improving diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases, and promoting the education of physicians, patients, and the public about thyroid disorders. In the 80 years of its existence, the ATA has grown to more than 850 clinicians and research scientists in the field of thyroidology. Thyroid diseases are among the most common disorders of the endocrine system, affecting almost 13 million Americans alone. Advances in understanding the causes and improving the clinical management of thyroid diseases are evolving at a rapid pace in the current era of biomedical discovery.

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The Hormone Foundation,the public education affiliate of The Endocrine Society, is a leading source of hormone-related health information for the public, physicians, allied health professionals and the media. Our mission is to serve as a resource for the public by promoting the prevention, treatment and cure of hormone-related conditions through outreach and education.
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ECNU is a professional certification in the field of neck ultrasonography for endocrinologists who perform consultations and diagnostic evaluations for thyroid and parathyroid disorders through both diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration (UGFNA).